Best Wedding Destination In Jaipur


Day to Day there has been a great evolution in the décor of destination weddings. Each event is being planned on a different theme with a personalized touch. This leaves the guest with a memorable experience altogether.  Everything from Bride & Groom’s Entry, Guest Experience at the wedding venue till the décor is now being taken care of by Event Planners and is custom designed. Specifically, in décor, a few themes are in trend very much, like you can see blue pottery in day functions. The same is the case with Warms & Rustic theme décor for the evening functions. As it is serene and smoothening

Below are some trending ideas to follow for your upcoming wedding that will add stars to it. These innovative elements will set apart your wedding décor.

1. High Back Chairs With a Wooden Plank Platform For Couple

The style of putting a common silver couple couch is out of fashion now, an individual cozy chair with a flower bed of contrasting color is being loved by everyone. These wooden chair set with warm lights and all rustic elements around it like Barrels, briefcase and Chinese lantern is a very unique way of putting up a couple sitting. The candles with Pampas grass is the most significant element of the Warms and Rustic theme.



To give justice to the theme it’s important to take care of the minutest details. Even the cushion cover used for the wedding couch has to be thoughtfully chosen to give a thematic touch to the wedding couple sitting on it.

2. Light and Eye-Catching Chandeliers

With our guests becoming more conscious about the environment, there has been a major shift in the wedding décor towards using more eco-friendly elements like using reusable stuff. The chandeliers are made out of the double-ring structure and falling cloth in style. The front façade of the stage is masked by jute all together to give it a more natural look. Warm lights thrown on greens make it look beautiful. Other rustic elements are put with pampas again as it’s the backbone of this theme.


Leather Trunks, old Barrels, Wooden Logs are all elements which can be used in this theme. You can never forget to put bulbs from the ceiling.  

3. Wooden, Wooden, and More Wooden Elements

The different wooden elements you use the more pretty your décor looks. Wooden Cage, Wooden Shelf, Leather Trunks, Wooden coated telescope and all other wooden & rustic elements add beauty to it. Some of these are also affordable to buy or else can be rented out for a day. You can put clusters of these elements at the wedding venue to make it a elaborate installation. Dry sticks behind this serves as a perfect rustic background. 

4. Unique Furniture Setting ideas for Fine Dine

Your guest is going to spend most of the time around the Tables at the time of having food. Hence you need to put a great show there as well. “Y” Shape Placement of tables is an effective to make more people sit in an indoor venue with more aesthetic looks if you can put flowing flowers beds end to end on it. Rather than using banquet chairs you can put exclusive furniture as it gives a luxurious vibe in your big fat Indian Wedding. Some Candles on the table in the night time makes the fine dine look magical.

All these small elements put together in the function makes it look awesome and sets apart your wedding.