4 tips to make your destination wedding cheaper.

“When you have decided to take your love story to a new level, the happily ever after is going to start”


The one-third of the budget is spent over the venue itself - by most of all the couples. This cost can be avoidable or negligible if you opt to book the resort or hotel-based wedding package.


Make sure to keep the guest list small.

Destination weddings can be cheaper if you keep the guest list short.  It can be good news as there will be a major cut-off in the budget section allotted to the guests. With experience and perspective, give attention to each of them below-

Airfare - Opt to fly and plan to fly out with your wedding guests. This will quickly add some nice amount to your budget so kindly scratch off names.

Meals- If you are having a large meal or more than three meals in a day your budget will shoot up. So make sure to be generous and regulate your budget. Food and Beverage -  Feeding your guests is really expensive. We mean it. Food is really pricey. It is just the beginning and the expenditures like this keep adding on. Cost varies depending on whether you are opting for a meal based on buffet style or plated. In destination marriages, the wedding packages will include sparkling wines/ whiskey, etc.


 Book a venue that is beautiful- an in-built beautiful wedding venue.

If you are holding your sangeet or reception at a beautiful place like Udaipur or Jodhpur. Just embrace the location. Don’t spend money on decor as it will not match the essence of natural beauty. Select some of the rail destinations. Let the surroundings talk for themselves. Opt for cityscape and get all the backdrop you need. Destination wedding venues need no added decoration and this will help you some tonnes of money. Make sure to employ this technique as it will help you save better when it comes to destination weddings.


Embrace local vendors.

Don’t waste your precious time and budget on shipping things. Hire the local vendors for food, decor etc. it is logical and is the easiest thing to do. At the same time meet effective vendors and see the samples they are equipped with. This way the destination wedding is going to cost you cheaper and one can avoid the possibility of things being ruined in the transit.


 Actively look for deals

Resort promotions, inclusive packages can make your destination wedding a less expensive one. Give you more budget for spending on your honeymoon. Most resorts generally work with local vendors and suppliers. It can help you coordinate and help you organize discounts. You can ask for customizable deals and approaches, and this most of the time always works.

Getting married at your dream destination doesn’t require you to break the bank. Make sure to keep in mind these tips while opting for a dreamy destination wedding.

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