5 practical ideas for planning your DIY wedding

If you have been wondering how to plan your own wedding, then let me tell you - It might not be like a walk in the park. Perhaps, This blog can make it easier for you. A DIY wedding has many advantages and one of them is that it will help you save tonnes of money. A DIY wedding will allow you to have control over every aspect of the celebration


 Employ the art of delegation 


It will be essential for you and your sanity when planning a DIY wedding. Delegate small and simple tasks that can be easily achieved throughout the day. Your loved ones will be happy to help you no matter what. Deliveries, Pickups can be easily delegated. Make sure these small jobs are here and don’t take away a large chunk of your time. It is a perfect task to keep your loved ones checking on guests receiving invitations, delivering goods to the venue.


Set room to organize early


It is always good to avoid unnecessary stress. A wedding can be overwhelming as well as tiresome. Planning a wedding from the scratch always means that you are the one who is juggling among all the things. Before heading out to set and make arrangements make sure to simplify the process. Create a wedding timeline and work to meet its deadlines. You will know exactly where what needs to be done. Don’t ever procrastinate on the tasks because you have decided to make the arrangements on your own. Good luck!


A cohesive vision board or a planner 


There’s too much already going on. The best thing you can do is to keep a planner so that you don’t miss the smaller details and things. Keep everything on track by creating a wonderful and dedicated vision board. It will always help you to make better styling decisions. The end result on the D-day will be a cohesive result of these small plannings.


Save time and money too 


The huge responsibility for researching and communicating with your suppliers is a massive joy. Look for the process and book the caterers. If you book them beforehand you can avail all the services at the best prices because there will be time for you to compare prices between the vendors and suppliers. Costs spent on delivery, pick up will be much less than the last-minute arrangements. The minimal idea of hosting a wedding is best but then you have too many responsibilities on your shoulders and you can’t afford to PROCRASTINATE.


Think about the beautiful in-built locations 


If you opt for a location that is built beautifully you will need to spend less time decorating the private property or the venue. Beautiful venues don’t need many decors and are ready to host the function straight away.


Above are some of the ways in which you can make your DIY wedding happen seamlessly.

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