6 things to expect from your wedding Coordinator

“Planning your dream wedding is planning for a blockbuster movie.”- where you are the director while your wedding planner fulfills all your wishes.


Weddings are joyful and happy occasions and the wedding planners make sure that the couple’s visions are fulfilled. Having a vision board helps to make things simpler and the wedding planner can easily work with the mood,tone and the style of the wedding. If you want a decor to match your personal style or menu that serves as a little oomph, Don’t worry, nothing is getting finalized without your approval.


A cornerstone of extravagant and grand weddings is having a wedding preparation checklist as comprehensive as possible.With so much going on it is natural to forget something or the other so make your unique checklist that might come handy when something goes out of hand.The bigger and grander the wedding more planning will be needed to execute a successful grand wedding.Having a master and a specific list will compartmentalize everything and make it more digestible. It's impossible for you to cover tiny details, don't go overboard with it or one risk becoming bedazzled and bamboozled.


During the first consultation the wedding planner will usually ask the kind of services you are looking for? Estimate the budget, chalk out a package where he/she can fulfill all the artistic needs of your dream wedding. Most big events involve some kind of crisis at some point - believe it or not - The wedding planner will let you in on the second plan too where if the things don't go as planned , Plan B takes place without any hassle.


Be ready to delegate but also remember- “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Delegate as much as little or things one can be in control of.

Looking out for the perfect venue?- Oh YES! We know it, the wedding venue needs to stand out completely. The wedding planner will take utmost care to book that perfect venue and bring that vibe which you were expecting for a long time from now.  Wedding venues need to be booked before- hand so that they are not  

  1. Choosing a caterer- Food is the life of the Indian Weddings believe it or not. You would not like to see your guests turning away plates full of food. Incorporate the favourite dishes and  see your guests drooling over the food. Ask the wedding planner to select the caterers that he trusts the most. This way nothing can go wrong with the food. Choosing a caterer that will let you enjoy the delicious food and kinds of different varieties will help you to have a grand wedding. 


  1. Referrals for wedding designers and makeup artists- Wedding designers and makeup artists are as important as choosing a caterer so do not forget to book them beforehand or else things may go out of hand and one would not be able to get one urgently. Ask the wedding planner and do discuss the budget he/she will help you out with the most amazing designers and makeup artists in the town.Makeup- artists are as important as hiring the food caterers. Well, they are the bride’s army.


  1. Decor Theme- Decor and Theme must always complement each other. That’s how a grand wedding takes place.The theme, mood and the tone must go hand-in-hand. The wedding planner will make it happen effortlessly.The theme can be subtle or as gaudy you want. Just said before- You are the director of the wedding and the wedding planner will fulfill all your wishes.A glamorous decor will surely lift up the mood of the place and light the venue all over.


  1. Pre- wedding shoot- The luxurious pre-wedding shoots are a thing now aren't they? But the question is how does one act in a different mood and tone to it? The monotonous and the same line of pre-wedding shoots are boring. Beach pre-wedding shoots are eye-catching and fun at the same time. Ask your wedding planner to plan it differently and make a beautiful memory for the upcoming years.

A trend that is not going out of sight soon. Look out for a location that complements your story and costumes.


  1. Hiring Choreographers for sangeet- Sangeet is a lively evening in the Indian weddings. For this colourful evening bring forward the best foot to make you shake a leg. Ask the choreographers for the fun numbers and steps so that the whole wedding comes out to be as gorgeous and beautiful as you have expected in the first place. That buzz around the wedding is needed and that’s for sure. So, hire the choreographers that resonate with your time and expectations.


  1. Mehendi Artists- These artists are super important to host a colourful mehandi function. Bride and Groom usually love the part of the mehandi ceremony. This ceremony is close to the Indians as it usually starts all the wedding customs and traditions. Ask the wedding planner for a chic and sassy mehandi artist who would not stop painting the hands with henna.


Do not forget to ask if the wedding planner is willing to be involved in the whole process or not? This is super important because you can enjoy your wedding without any troubles or else the trouble is going to fall on your shoulders on your own wedding.


The fallout from the wedding won’t be a good idea. Be prepared with the wedding planner with an option B that is necessary to regulate if something seems out of the comfortable zone.

Almost every bride and groom wants to be smart with her budget but that comes when we are cutting corners in the right way.If you know some things are really not negotiable for instance we cannot cut on food we can increase it or decrease the quantity it needs to be there just like that the labor charges becomes mandatory too.Sometimes the question that one really needs to ask to- “How can be go lower and be in budget” ?

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