Bridal shower planning and tips

Bridal showers are a time to share stories and advice and most importantly eat, drink, and gossip. It is a fun afternoon with every cherry and merry. Prior to the recent trends of bridal showers, they originated centuries ago.

 A shower can be held anytime between six months or some weeks before the wedding. Some of the things to be kept in mind while planning a bridal shower is -

Don’t make it too crowded, keep the list of bridal showers short and sweet. Pro tip- Don’t invite guests to the shower who have not been invited to the wedding. You will need to decide if this will be a traditional “girls only event” or will involve couples? Do remember to give party favors to the guests. Make it something that relates to the theme of the shower. Be sure to give careful thought to the decor and plan it out perfectly.

 Be personally selective when you are inviting guests. Think it like - what will the bride think?

The bridal shower must satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. The special treats such as macarons, mini - cakes are way delicious. It must be complementary to the bridal shower luncheon. Create a custom bar. Without any second thought go and select the drinks that are fruity and floral looking. Plan the bar menu according to the theme of the bridal shower.

Select an easy attire but it doesn’t mean that would be something very casual, some sort of standard is needed there. Don’t confuse your loved ones by opting for anything too complicated or obscure. Location matters, that’s true! But the vibe you create matters much more than the location. The bridal shower can be celebrated at someone’s home or any far-flung locale. It doesn’t matter. But set the decor and vibe right for the bridal showers.

Signage will drive the theme to a new level. Use the neon lights or the frosted acrylic welcome sign for trendy captions. It’s the little things that always count, add a personal touch to each spot. Add pretty stationery and place cards with their names ~ an easy way to grab the attention of the attendees.

 You don’t have to go wild with the decorations, opt for something sober and quirky. A few anchoring floral arrangements are what it takes to make the location stand out. Indulge in bridal shower games as they will bring the attendees together. Games are special and a powerful tool at a social event. Get ready to loosen up for all the signature cocktails. Do remember to keep it - Simple as well as chic!

Well, don’t forget to welcome your guests with a gleaming toast. Choose a sparkling wine of your choice and set the stage on fire. Break the bubble with a fun gathering. Try to throw a bridal shower on the same day as the bachelorette party. Don’t plan it too early or too late. Whether you are the maid- of - honor or a close relative, be a stellar host.

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