Complete Wedding checklist- check it out here!

The stars have aligned, and your dream wedding is coming nearer day by day. You would like to wish that day to be perfect in your lifetime. Isn’t it? - Take care of the small details, look out for the budget. No doubt, planning a wedding can be tiresome as well as fun. Don’t worry, we would suggest taking it slow and creating a small checklist that would meet the demands of the wedding and without any difficulties. Once all the items in the checklist have been ticked off, the nitty-gritty details like the final dress fitting, hiring makeup artists etc.

Let’s determine your wedding checklist- 

  1. Optimize your budget- Let’s start by doing some math. Get it straight with the budget, else this is going to annoy you for the rest of the wedding. This is an important area you would not like to miss. What’s the top most priority? What is not? Such questions will get cleared here without any doubt. The budget can be set aside according to the priority list, and that’s where most of the marriage burden is already done. Do not mess with your budget, and it’s regulation or else the whole wedding might go in doldrums. 


  1. Make a Guest List- It would be so good to call everyone ? Well, no, you need to cross that idea straight from where it originated. The Indian fat weddings are huge, but that doesn’t mean you need to call the whole colony. Consider your budget, secondly your venue and then think about the strength of the guests. It would be a win-win, or else there’s trouble down the lane. Gearing up with more guests may sound fun only if you have an enormous budget to spend, and lastly you don’t mind spending a handsome amount.


  1. Hire a wedding planner- If you want to make things simpler, hire a wedding planner. Without any second thoughts, just go for it. It will save your tonnes of money also the whole burden of a perfect wedding would not be on your shoulders. So why not? Book a professional wedding planner and talk the things out. Kind of services he/she will be able to provide, kind of weddings the planner has done, ask out for the themes and intimate weddings, the kind of vendors he hires etc. the above questions will set out things pretty straight and let you breathe an air of relief.


  1. Select the venue- Now that you know who you are marrying? Get sure of the venue too. Else, the last minute book might not help you crack the best deal. So why delay. Book the venue and see if it is matching your expectations or not? The budget is matching the venue or not. Select the venue that is a desirable location because it will be easy to get services available nearby easily. Guests would not cancel on the invitation. They would make it very easily to the dream wedding of yours


  1. Select the caterer- Don’t be afraid to get creative with the menu. The wedding reception and the dinner is going to be special for your whole life. Get the caterers whom you can fully trust, and their expertise is not trifle. The caterers will make or break your wedding. No one would like to have a bad stomach or taste after a wonderful wedding. Make your choice wisely and select the right set of caterers.


  1. Choose a color theme-Use your Pinterest to the fullest, select a theme and create a mood board. The theme of the wedding plays a major role, as the feel and tone of the wedding is set by a theme. Just like how we decorate our house, we would like to decorate the wedding venue too. The theme makes everything right and acts as a great mood- booster. Everything feels light and amazing. So select a theme that would be resonating with the venue as well.


  1. Start looking at wedding invitations-Your wedding is going to make its first appearance through invitations. Don’t stop, just start looking for the perfect invitations with the graphic designer team, and this will allow you to get the most of the attention for the D-Day. So be ready to be creative and select the layout of the invitation, and you would definitely nail it.


  1. Pay your vendors in Full-Make sure when you finalize the kinds of vendors you need. Pay them in full so that they make their appearance and don’t ditch on the D-Day. The vendors can be paid in full if you are good with the practice of the budget. The budget set aside for the particular activity will always act as a guide and will save you when you are going to overspend. So, check on with the budget and pay the vendors in full.


  1. Meet the florists- Chalk time out in your routine and meet the florists. Ask for all the potential flowers, they can mingle and merge with the theme of the venue. Flowers will steal the show, and who doesn’t like flowers? The most beautiful natural creatures are ready to make anyone’s mood bloom without any doubt. So set aside some time to meet the florists and select your favorites with whom you would like to call your wedding.


  1. Final Week preparation- Congratulations honey! You have made it to the last week of your wedding, and now it's some time to relax and hope for the best. Our suggestion would be to take longer breaths and be in Zen mode- unbothered. Stay patient and make sleep your priority. The hard work of putting everything together is over.  

We know this check list is lengthy and can be exhausting. Make sure to make amends and be ready to rock your big day with everything on your side. Walk down the lane as if it was your proud moment and always remember “You can have it all'' -The universe wants it too. Let us know your review on the above check-list. Wishing you luck and prosperity.

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