How have weddings changed over the years?

Customizing your celebrations, making your decisions, rethinking traditions and customs, writing your own wedding diary which includes the attire’s, selection of venues, decor, etc is totally new. The mundane type is already deep buried. Well, nobody wants to know where it has disappeared. Gone are the days of expectations. Quite literally!

Another factor that potentially impacts the wedding size is the guest list. A close friend network is the best choice for the guest list now. Not to mention weddings have become full weekend experiences. Personalized experiences will be truly memorable. Guests are treated to more experiences now than ever. Couples are really thoughtful about their guests including their theme welcome parties. Guests do come from all over the parts of the country regardless of the location. The wedding dress code remains the most popular in the last decade.

 Budgeting and Spending Habits have changed - Couples want their wedding to be extravagant and large to a whole different level. They want to invest in weddings and make it a memory to remember. They want to have more control over the whole process of a wedding. They crave rich experiences. There is a will to make it an excellent experience for them as well as the guests.

 Cliché experiences are least expected - Now weddings are in demand which surpasses the traditions and makes it less obvious. Engagements that are quirky and require making fewer decisions. Weddings that make you feel more at the moment and let you feel present in various ways. Fresh, inspired and personalized weddings are a go- to- thing. The couple wants to show their style and love story in the details of their wedding. The simplicity in design with high-quality music or fine wine will let go la-la-la in the high spirits. They really want an experience with their guests which allows them to make memories.

 Customization is the new trend - Couples want to customize every detail of the wedding. From customized invitations, cakes, decor, food, and even entertainment. This new trend will be widespread in the next 10 years. The weddings in themselves can have opportunities to express and style the way out for customizations.

 Destination Weddings have significantly increased - Weddings with a limited number of guests and in a new place have a totally different vibe. Destination Weddings have grown in scope over the past decade. This trend is not going anywhere soon. It is exciting to watch new locations outside of the hot spots. It is honestly very challenging to untangle to a different location. Such types of weddings require expertise and involve responsibilities. Be excited to see how the wedding platform expands and marks its new territory.

 Couples opt for non-traditional venues - The total formality and the vibe of the weddings have evolved. The venues greatly depend on the kind of beauty and no more upon the traditions. To transform a property into creatively the best standing decor with the appropriate theme is a task. Beach weddings, Weddings amidst the mountains are a thing and involve a vision from our imagination. Primely, Weddings were thought to be in a prescriptive way and today it’s like a blank canvas where you can paint as you want. As you know, Brides are looking for a wedding full of surprises. Creating the “WOW” moment is pretty important and is needed at every place setting. Weddings really have changed over the period of time. They have gone rustic, artistic, and designed focus. Isn’t it?

Good food is the prime focus - Incredible food scenes are making their way into the weddings. Family style, cocktail style, and more engaging, community-driven meals are in the trend. Couples are incorporating this trend personally in their trend for selecting cocktails. Food services with a dance group to set the tone of a truly fun and joyful evening ahead. Anticipate the unknown. Continue to personalize the day to every finite detail and lay out the timelines that work along with your vision.

The photography is shifting completely to a different entertainment element. The photo booth is everywhere. The planet coincides with the photographers filming a new film. Hashtag- Social Media has come to the scene. Unplugged weddings where the prime concept is of putting away mobile phones for real-life moments.

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