How to have a multicultural wedding?

An interfaith /multicultural wedding is the intertwining of two lives in many different ways. There is no going back to the fact that religious beliefs employ different faiths. Well, You can pull off a multicultural wedding that will result in celebration and unique partnerships. Different religious backgrounds blend with religious customs and traditions well and come into a wedding. The preparation process of an interfaith wedding will set the tone for whatever comes after. Together you can make your values, beliefs, and build on firm solidarity. A perfect time to have conversations and establish conversations. Incorporate respective faiths and have a happily - ever -after.

There’s no one way to plan a multicultural wedding. This type of wedding requires self-reflection and a lot of communication. It is a great way to make your ceremony completely unique. Allow yourself to have space and raise and discuss your spiritual guidance. Give yourselves time to negotiate and think about your future. The joining together of two faiths in one single marriage is a momentous process. It should be explicitly celebrated. Acknowledge the interfaith and nurture the union. Not everyone attending will understand what’s going on but look out for prayers and blessings. Help everyone to understand what’s going on. Appreciate and overlap two faiths. The most important thing you can do is play with the decor that evokes the feelings of art, sculptures, and furniture. Choose a venue that suitably fixes your venue with decorative elements. Look for modern interpretations and traditional outfits. Opt for progressive designs and blend the cultures in.


Educate both sides of the family -

It is important to make sure both the families understand the customs and experiences. Make sure to sit down with each family and talk. Remember to get on the same page. Without similar experiences and knowledge, the couples set them against themselves. Let your guests have fun by telling them in specific about the events and traditions that will be followed. Else the whole celebration will go in disappointment.

Pick the venue and vendors that will accommodate your wishes.

The venues that have standard wedding packages are introducing new ideas. It will be a problem if both the families are not on the same page. Vendors and caterers need to be implemented in a way that they fulfil the delicacies of both religions religiously. Flavouring your taste buds at the wedding is utterly important. Full ceremonies and events take a longer time to encode and make the whole process lengthy. Incorporate the favourite dishes and look out for the menu. Add speciality to every dish and look for the best vendors to embrace the best fusion ideas. Have fun brainstorming!


Personalise the entire wedding -

If you do so, the styles and traditions will merge. Every tradition can be enjoyed in a new light. Personalise the ceremony and do what matters to you. Add the ceremonies which matter to you and respectively from the other side of the family too.

Hire a planner - The unique ideas of a planner will help you specialise and bring out the best. It is often found that the wedding customs are not fully understood and with the help of a planner things become easy. Easy to fulfil the needs of both sides of the family. Be patient and load your burden on a planner. He/She will make the most out of it.

The biggest fear in a multicultural wedding is how the families are going to feel. They don’t want to be left out. The best thing to do is let them know beforehand what the ceremony is. Assure them of the essence of the ceremony. Use this opportunity to discuss the different ways in which the faith can be incorporated. Ease the feeling of being left out.

 Offer a bit of background knowledge and tell about the origin of its tradition. They must feel more involved. It is a good opportunity to feel that any religious requirements to the guests should be given beforehand.

Make sure to put a reminder in how you will respect, honour and incorporate the partner's religion. It is very important to design a wedding where the prime wishes of both the families are kept in mind. Both the families must sit together and decide on what they are looking for, expectations. This way things can go as planned and offer a happy ending.

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