Ideal food menu for your bridal showers

It goes without saying, Food is one of the most important elements of a great event or marriage. Isn’t it? Who doesn’t love food? - Well, everyone does.

Hosting a bridal shower is exciting. The only hurdle you will face is- you will need to plan out your food options beforehand. Creating a menu that is suitable for the guest list is important.

“Planning a delicious menu is the tip of the iceberg for any event”

The bridal shower need not be formal. It can be a normal sit down meal. It can be scheduled anytime during the day. Spread the appetizers with a ray of sunshine and hope. You can keep it casual and at the same time envelope it with custom cocktails, interactive food stations, and mini-bars. Yes yes! Your mind must be playing tricks with you with deciding what to employ and what not to, but dearie when planning a bridal shower- Sky is the limit. Keep it going, keep it to a level you want to make the most out of it.

 A perfect time to indulge in all the things that brides love. It’s more of a casual setting and all about the favourite things. Know about the bridal shower foods and drinks with us.

Things to keep in mind while looking out for the perfect menu- Is it morning or lunchtime showers? Which food options can be the comfort foods? Talk with your caterer, Do a background check - for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Lastly, don’t serve a menu that only includes desserts - Not all people have a sweet tooth. If you are still in dilemma, the home- town dishes are the safe bet. A bridal shower is a celebration with family and friends so what’s better than a plate of complete nostalgia, making you feel like HOME. These dishes always help the town guests to experience the best the area/region has to offer.

To remind you once again- Alcohol may be complementary and not compulsory. It will definitely not hurt. If the shower is in the evening - The full bar is appropriate and thrilling. Themed drinks can steal the show too. Set out a bar that suits the tastes of different types.

 Classic Pies - Very common to think that a bridal shower is limited to cake as a dessert. Well, you can change it. For a rustic themed- shower opt for large, beautiful cherries pies. Most guests want to grab bit-sized grabbings to feel them with a variety of treats.

 Tiffany Mimosas- The blue mimosas is the perfect drink for the daylight bridal shower. Make this a customary drink if you are going with a very subtle drink. This will just elevate the whole atmosphere and the shower.

Quesadillas and seasonal skewers- smoked chicken quesadillas or vegetables sliced with cheese is the combination that is bomb to your taste buds. For the seasonal skewers combine the seasonal fresh veggies, fruits and cheeses and make it an easy yet tasty appetizer.

Pumpkin Fireball Cakes- It is an ode to your favourite booze. You won’t be getting much of it ever as it is finger-licking- tasty and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Spring Rolls- crisp and delightful veggies packed in a rice paper wrap makes a healthy snack. It won’t leave your guests wanting more but is followed by satiety of completeness. The best part is you don’t even need to worry about the ingredients they are easily available.

Salads and seasonings - A Caesar salad or a combination of pasta, potato with a perfect seasoning with a variety of toppings and dressings can be your go-to- meal.

Raw Bar /Mobile Bar- booze may not be important to some and that’s alright. Wine and cheese can take an important place in the meal menu. Boozy frozen treats will just double the fun. Well, Nothing like a celebration of sparkling wine and a glass of bubbles.

Donuts/Macarons/ Boozy Truffles- Donuts must be on your menu by any chance. Dress them up in your favourite icing and toppings, serve them at the end of the shower.  Your favourite French dessert macarons will make you drool. Match the soirée theme and make it accordingly.

If you know, a tea party menu is needed. Include some herbal teas which will have a different kind of aura to the celebration. If you want to capture that elegance and refinement, adore the delicate bites and teas. Your party can be a source of inspiration and your guests are going to love it.

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