Most iconic wedding destinations

A list that will help you calm your frowning eyes. They are the most iconic wedding destinations in India.

Plan a mysteriously themed wedding at Lavasa 

Calmness amidst the fog and mist will overwhelm you. It is quiet and in tune with nature. It is a perfect venue that blends perfectly well with the thrill and romance. A mysteriously-themed theme that will help you reminisce about the future. It is for couples that want to enjoy odd things and is ready for out -of the box venues. This unique personality will leave you in a mind-blowing mood. It is hereby picking a destination that really suits your vibe and imagination. Make sure to tie knots with your loved ones in the most beautiful scenic places. Make sure of the romantic views of these marvelous hills and cliffs uncovered with the green lushes, bodies of water. The couples who fall in love will have experiences out of the world. This destination will make sure that you definitely enjoy your dream wedding.

For temples and religious wedding venues opt for Pushkar - 

Pushkar, where the temples have a history. They represent sanctuaries as the divine souls are everywhere. Couples can opt for this beautiful destination if they are looking for something religious. Expect tranquility at its best. It will be a faithful week as the divine romance starts and is ready to replenish in the most subtle and in a different way. Make sure to take photos at the Pushkar Lake where you can enjoy the panoramic way. Don’t forget to visit the Pushkar Palace where the scenic views are everlasting.


 Religious riverside Destination? How about Rishikesh ? 

Clear blue skies, mountain ranges covered in lush greens. It will make your wedding a romantic one. The addicting aura of Rishikesh is brought along with the religious communities scattered all over the region. A wedding that is seasoned with the quietness, calmness, is peaceful and will truly heal your mind. Look up to your new chapter by having Rishikesh as your dream destination.


For luxurious and glamorous weddings, Bangalore is your venue. 

If you want to feel like a person who just bathed in the riches of gold and diamonds then own a palace. Yes, Bangalore will help you do that. Act like a freaking royalty and own a grand palace. Chin up and drive along like a King. It’s not arrogance but your big D-day and you are allowed to manifest it. Feel the luxurious best of romance along with your Queen. Enter a vivid new chapter with royal-themed pre-wedding photography.

A majestic destination? Hop into Gujarat


The incredible forts and landmarks of Gujarat will blow your mind. The rich history of the palaces will be a great asset. The exquisite vibrancy will cheer you up and your beloved. Make it sophisticated and reserved like the royals.


I hope this list of destinations helps you select one. Keep the list short and brief so it’s easy to select the special one.

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