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Now that - Sky's the limit- Everything is possible. Weddings are possible on the beach. Well, There’s nothing like dancing with your beloved to the rhythmic sound of the wonderful waves in the background. What is a better way to celebrate? The aesthetic settings on the beach are a wonderful way to celebrate. It can lead to elegant, exotic, and classic chic weddings. Well, Every wedding has its rules- Beach weddings have their own. It can be a magical experience.

The idea of a beach wedding is appealing to many couples. Bash of new energy and vibrancy for your new life. Though there are many factors that need to be taken care of. The uncontrollable factors such as - Wind, unforeseen weather changes. Plan safely with the controllable ones. The planning of the event should be during midday. When a beach wedding is your option - Stay away from heavy wedding dresses, look for friendly makeup options such as airbrush, etc, have a backup plan if it rains, if it’s a windy day- don’t opt for candles as decors.: Navigating to beach destinations can be intimidating. Research and top up your game. If you are wondering what the dress code is? Opt for something casual and carefree vibe, choose a dress code that you can settle on. If the ceremony or any portion of the wedding is taking on the sand - Be ready to wear shoes that don’t sink into the sand. State it clearly in your invitation and follow up with more details and comfort.

Once you have arrived in paradise be sure to spend every moment in paradise. Remember to keep your guest list short and prioritize their comfort.

 Listen to Mother Nature and pick your location.

The beach destinations are located all over the world and each one is gorgeous in its own way. Looking for a memorable wedding vacation then go selectively personal with your partner. Choose the venue that is easy to avail for discounts because you have your guests too. Look for local wedding support, hire a wedding planner, book out the vendors. Beach weddings are completely easy to decorate with the passionate flowers of your choice.


Go by the nature of themes, or don’t

 Look at the beach as your blank slate and paint it the way you want to. Don’t look for mundane and dull ideas. Look out for ideas and themes that appeal to you. Make sure to love the garden-y themes or the pastel passion theme just out of a romantic movie. Classic, Sophisticated under one umbrella. Bring it together with a floral designer or ask a wedding planner to help you out.

Add local dishes to the menu

To spice up things and mood add the wedding foods and drinks that will represent joy and feel like a vacation. It is always a good idea to search and look out for what’s authentic. Add the most tangible touch with exotic appetizers etc. make your experience a unique one. Well, your guests didn’t travel to have the same mundane food.

Being smart about the whole setup -The decor will play a major role in the beach wedding. It needs a lot of planning on your part depending on the type of the weather. Look out for nice amenities that you can offer your guests. Getting hitched on a beach amidst sea breezes requires hard work and planning. Plan the day in advance. Go for rehearsal with the speakers. Since it is a beach there needs to be a pre-rehearsal about the whole setup playing. Consult a pro or the manager with the sound system and make your wedding a gala with ambient noise.

One of the trickier parts of the wedding destinations is what to wear. The customs for a beach wedding. The bride is in a dilemma if she can go heavy or try something out of the box? Look for a fabric that is not prone to wrinkling. Unlike a traditional wedding, a destination wedding needs you to fly with your guests out of the city. Plan the weekend itinerary and make sure to include the date, time, and location for each of the events.

Make sure to local and include the flora and fruits of that region. Accommodate plush seating and cushion to give a chill vibe for a lounge area. Keep the guests away from getting too sandy. Transform your beach space into a unique space by using furniture and cozy surroundings.

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