Round Table Wedding Decor Ideas

Do not be afraid to play with colours and patterns. Decorate your table with what draws your guests attention. Flower decor, neutral metallic colours and elements will look good no matter what! Work with the colour scheme and the pattern you would like to go for. Classy- Chic vibe to the tables is the altogether feeling of freshness and sophistication.

 The most common way to decorate is by using flowers. Hot pinks and fiery reds can be your best choice. The table decor acts as an accessory that can compliment your dress as well? Make sure that themes of the venue accentuates and compliments it.

Round, Square or your most famous banquet~style can be how you style your reception tables. They must be styled in a manner that must complement your venue. Big fat Indian weddings are grand events, they require larger tables. Select the shape of the table according to the size of the venue, size and shape. Round tables have a bigger hand to equip you better conversational benefits.

Cactus Display - Glass vases can be filled up with adorable cactus displays instead of flowers or candles. Votive holders and cylindrical glass vases will accentuate the look of the wedding centre tables.

Metal Lanterns- Stylish and classy looks for your wedding decoration. Make sure to include lanterns in your decor in any which way possible. Consider the shape, size and style that you are looking for. Opt for a design that offers a unique geometric shape with a considerable height. Make sure these lanterns go along with the larger candles.

Hexagon Lanterns with a vintage touch - White metal / Gold hexagon lanterns will make your centerpiece go all- gaga. The look with a real or battery operated candle will make it look beautiful.

Use sunflowers extensively- The wedding table centre-pieces is a perfect summer celebration. Beautiful and bright decoration is expected with sunflowers around. Adorn the vases with laces.

Table runner with Flowers- To decorate the tables use garland of flowers. Wedding table centre pieces can be the best way to decorate the tables without going overboard.

Fruits and flowers centrepieces - Wedding table decorations can include fruits to your centrepieces. This act of adding fruits will make it fun and vibrant. Adding lemons and ones to your glass vase may just accentuate the wedding table decor.

Painted Mason Jars and Candles - Either you can paint the jars and opt for stylish wedding decoration or paint them at first. It will be a great opportunity to add the mason jars with candles to the dinner wedding table.

Dried Pampas Grass- Opt for a stylish look for your wedding celebration. Investing in dried pampas grass is not something difficult. Mix and match with other flowers or have a vase of its own. Rustic and yet cheeky, complementary to the essentials of the wedding.


Wedding table decorations can make the whole wedding decor stand out. Artificial greenery can make it for a lovely wedding appearance.

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