Things to keep in mind while selecting your wedding florist.

Whether it’s a rustic, romantic, modern or intimate wedding. Flowers are supposed to steal the show. They will make a whimsical appearance and be there all the time. Flowers are important to instil a space for romance and convey your wedding is a day of excitement and extreme celebration. If you know Florals can change any environment- They make it or break it. The amount of money spent on flowers is an investment for the guests' eyes to pop out on D-Day. One needs to take special care when selecting the best florist designer to doll up the venue.

The choices are endless when it comes to your wedding flowers. Isn’t it? Book a florist to understand your vision and design a style that perfectly resonates with your dream wedding.

Stick to the wedding date as it will allow the florist to know first hand if she/he is free on that particular day. Look at the past decorations of the florist to get an idea of what you are bumping into! Look out for the type of arrangements you want? Till him/ her the floral budget you have set aside. If there are any specific wedding packages he/she provides? Do a quick background check to know - the kind of weddings he/ she has done? Years of experience.:

 Make sure to ask him/ her if he can recreate the picture of the bouquet, what type of vases he has, what kind of decor elements he/she can provide with, look out for sample arrangements, which flowers can be substituted to meet my budget, what kind of colour lighting he/she wants to implement for the reception?

Lastly, What would be the price of the flower arrangements? Will there be a delivery fee charged?


Determine your floral needs- 

The foremost thing to be done is to look out for your floral needs. Do you want a decoration for the reception tables and the corners of the venue? Then A florist designer will be the best option and man in speed. A designer will make you keep engaged with designing which is your ultimate goal of yours. Whereas a regular florist will just help you narrow down the kind of choices you have to use for the decor. The mix and the match will be done by a designer.


 Stick to your floral budget- 

If you know, Pricing is the best compatibility to make your work the best one. You don’t want the extra nagging once the wedding is over. Floral services and be expensive and dramatically based on many factors as they will include your guest count, season, preferences and your designing /aesthetics goals. To be on the happy side, dedicate 10% of your budget to the florals. Tell them that you want the seasonal flowers more for the off-seasons as they will be friendly to your pocket. Take massive care of your budget and stick to it till the end


Aim to match your aesthetics-

Make sure your selected team of floral designers are creative. They curate beautiful things and have the best results. Don’t try to play if it's small. Play according to your aesthetics. If you opt for an ethereal evening lookout for a creative and crazy designer.


Pick the best from the crowd-

When determining your top picks and having your discussions on the flowers. Go with the best. Look out for the cost of materials, setup and breakdown charges. Make sure to have a detailed proposal so that there exists no last-minute drama. The best-case scenario is to get the seasonal floral and weave the best possible designs with them. Fewer charges. Well, you can always mix and create mid-range packages that can have centrepieces and bouquets.


Well, Lastly, look out for the difference between a floral designer and a florist. A florist designer will curate the design and will know exactly how to work with a vendor - basis team whereas a florist is a person who will work with the selling of different kinds of flowers. The pro tip here would be to look out for an expert who can activate your dream wedding and work on the themes of the wedding as you wanted in the first place. If you don’t want to show off much, Opt for minimalism. Looking for an Uber- romantic yet glamorous wedding. There’s no shying away. Make that happen and tell your florist exactly what you are looking for because he isn’t a mind reader.

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