Top 10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Planning a wedding planning sequence ensures the wedding happens smoothly. One knows what comes next. BOOM! The roadway for a beautiful and splendid wedding. There must be complete coordination between the families, planners, and vendors on the wedding day.

If you are wondering how to get started with planning the wedding. Check out some of the most essential planning tips that may come in handy if you are planning your dream wedding.

1. Create that Priorities List - The first and foremost step while planning a wedding is to create that priorities list. One cannot go in any wrong direction if you know the path laid out. Now that the wedding is no more done like the earlier times. Both families of the bride and groom can sit over tea and bring out the main highlights of the wedding. With priorities set, planning will bloom.


2. Ah! Do not forget the Budget- Set aside the budget. Repeating it again - Do not mess up with the estimated budget. The budget decided by both the families can be prepared. Fixing an amount to each different event taking place in the wedding can make the whole process of organizing the wedding a smooth one. Else, last-minute chaos and confusion take over.


3. Prepare that bulky Guest List- Indian fat weddings are famous for their extravagant dishes and the crowd of guests. Jokes apart- Preparing that guest list is important. Very Important! Write those names chronologically and later on decide on the final guest list. You can always cut on the guests if you are looking for more of an intimate wedding. Hey! That’s how your work becomes easy and there is a smooth flow of work.


   4. Check the meal plan- The most exciting part of planning a wedding is deciding on delicious meals. Look out for the most famous dishes and especially the local dishes that are usually loved by everyone. Well, that's how a wedding becomes a great one. One cannot undermine the power of a good meal. Make a plan that suits the meal of the vendors and the guests. Add dishes that are new. Everyone loves new things.


 5. Wedding Invitations- There are a variety of options that are available for designing a wedding card or an invitation. These days people prefer it digital as it is easier to send plus it is creative. Wedding Invitations can take time to be finalized, so order and design it as soon as there’s a sure-shot wedding happening. You can always opt to send these invitations through “Email” or “Whatsapp” since these two options are used by almost all. This way you can spend a lot of time on your part which can be used in various other things.


6. Hello! Pick a theme- Pick a theme for your wedding in terms of color or a specific type of customer. This act will make the weddings look interconnected. Voilà! Guests love it. The pictures stand out and that’s very obvious. Do not miss planning a theme that would make everyone in awe. Picking a theme for the wedding becomes super important if you are looking for something different. Call the Fashion Police, Let them do it for you. Caution- Do not take action in this area of Fashion alone.


7. Select and choose vendors- Talking to different vendors, comparing the prices between different vendors requires time and effort both. Create a list of the vendors that you trust and segregate them once the list is ready. Let one vendor lead you to another. This will save time and also get the best of the desired fields. They must be the most trusted experts- “Your Go-To” - no one likes errors on the D-Day. Explore all the food options and make room for good things to happen.


8. Finalize the Date and Book the Venue- Decide the date on which the marriage is supposed to take place. Know ahead of time and select a date that is not colliding with other events or festivals. Listen to Mother Nature- lookout for the months that are neither too hot nor cold. Else, the hot- humid climate sucks the fun out of everything. This is a very important step as the venues, later on, might be pre-booked. If it’s a destination wedding, look out for weddings venues in Jaipur. Rambagh Palace is magnificent and will make your dream wedding happen effortlessly.


9. Arranging Accommodation-There will be a lot of Guests as it is a wedding. The accommodation of the guests becomes super important, so set out a budget for that too. The wedding crew needs an accommodation to stay and enjoy the wedding. Making arrangements becomes necessary and is super important. Special meals and staying must be looked after to have no complaints from the guest's side.


10. Lastly, Plan Option-B - Yes! We would also like to wish that everything goes well with the plan that is laid out and is on the priority list. Maybe that special vendor backed out or the wedding dress went missing. What’s next? -Don’t cry and crib. Set and plan out option B. Set aside some time and plan things parallelly if a sudden disaster comes up. Well, One never knows.

 It is not unusual to be confused. We know that making a dream wedding come true requires a lot of cooperation and effort. Things will go wrong and not at all as you had wished. But make that move and try getting close to the planning you had done to avoid last-minute heavy expenses and chaos. Jump to the wagon and make that “Priority List” the top list and stick to it no matter what. It knows the path and is closer to that Perfect Wedding. If your wedding is next month - Basic Advice: Cut down things. Cut down the over- the- top tasks as this will reap you more time.



Look out for ideas that resonate with both families. Thus, that is the success of having a grand wedding.

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