Trending dessert ideas for weddings

If you don’t know where to start your planning, with the mind-boggling desserts. Start making a list of the desserts you would like to include and add the best ones. The best thing to do is take a cue from the roots when selecting the desserts. It’s a sweet way to plan your desserts at the wedding. Guests can devour the best flavours and munch on the best desserts. Perfect right ? The sweet tooth may need something else than the cake to go back to your childhood comforts. Curate your own dessert list.

 A dessert table that tantalises guests must be elegant and unique. A rustic wedding dessert can be anything from homemade tartlets, muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts etc.

Stack the  desserts up, nest them in a tray or hang them on the wall~ make it berry tempting.

 Things to consider while planning your dessert bar decor ideas~

Make sure to plan accordingly to the season. Don’t miss the flavours and decor that follows with every season. If the wedding is planned in the spring -make sure to incorporate pastel-hued macaroons. The dessert bar should be in the theme of the wedding, as it will perfectly tune in with the rest of the decor. Make the display of desserts stand out by adding visual elements such as the trendy neon lights or signage.

 The evergreen idea of setting up dessert stations is to serve the dessert in small boxes.Easy and convenient at the same time.

 Include the Macarons- Serve a fountain of coloured macarons. The perfect dessert to drool. Colour them according to the seasons and the theme of the wedding.

 Tarts and Trifles can be your option too - The tiny treats of delicacies can be paired in the Wedding. It can be served in the glasses with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

 Serve Waffles - Though they are served  as desserts but you can give it a go! Waffles are favourite and you can celebrate your wedding with this wholesome dessert-cum meal.

Marshmallows in dipped chocolate- Check your menu and see if it allows you to be creative. Let your tongue enjoy the various tastes and enormous mouth-watering flavours.

Cookies of various flavours- Do not miss this jackpot! Add the small cookies with the drip of chocolate sauce and see everything setting alright.

One of the simpler things that can be done is serving pies with the cakes. Mix the berries and cakes well. It just perfectly adds a new level of aesthetics.These are some of the dessert ideas that will make your wedding sweeter. It’s a fun menu and something people don’t expect in the first place. Selecting your signature wedding dessert is a thing , as well a daunting task. We know, - You. Love. All. The. Desserts. Isn't it ?

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