Trends for weddings in 2022.

Don’t feel pressured to invite everyone- Building a guest list that is about fulfilling a sentiment. Don’t add and think “more is the best” The era of beyond covid is about micro weddings. Couples love the idea of keeping their list short and minimum. Well, there are many factors that go behind building a guest list. Eliminate the thinking that - He/She invited me to the wedding and you are obliged to return the invite. A big NO!  Your priority should be venue capacity, budget, etc. Now it is more acceptable to keep your guest list short and simple.


Crystal clear communication of expectations- Wedding is a joyous occasion. It is for the happy couple and the inner circle. Whether you are planning a destination wedding or getting married with an intimate guest list, be upfront about your expectations. Be vocal about your needs and wishes and it will be appreciated. Not only will this help your big day go smoothly but also bring you peace of mind.


 If you want to celebrate with a larger crowd - Go ahead with it. Want a bridal shower or engagement party to a minimum - Go with it. Be open to trends. In the end, it is your wish to incorporate whatever you want. Celebrate your big milestone and be there for the people who are closer to you.


When in 2022, Think out of the box. Think about the non-traditional venues, flexibility with dates, and plenty of compromises.


This year is going to be busy for the industry. With many weddings getting postponed, look out for new plans. Start to plan a new way of doing things. Focus on exploring new avenues. An absolute cracker of a party with good food, lots of drinks, and good music. The pandemic has been given to make it short. Incorporate bold themes, individualism, and comfortable adaptations. It totally depends on what you are looking for. Hope that you find availability in whatever you are looking for. Push the boundaries and don’t make compromises. Host traditional weddings if you resonate with them. At the end of the day listen to your heart. It knows it all.


Look for ideas that make you creative and are more flexible in nature. Instead of sending out the printed invitations, be informal. Resort to send it via mail or any other informal mode of communication. It is an efficient way to keep everyone on the same page.

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