The happily-ever- after tale of Nikita and Vishal.

Our Bride- Nikita and Groom- Vishal had a grand destination wedding at LeMeridien, Jaipur. They knew how special their bond is and celebrated it in a manner that mesmerized one and all. The utterly unique and thoughtful theme of each and every event made the wedding a modern fairytale. Everything, from the smallest detail to the most important one, was well thought out and executed efficiently by Konark Events and Wedding Planners.

The mehendi and haldi ceremony were absolute mood-lifters with all the pastel shades and quirky decorations. The beauty of a destination wedding is depicted in how well the elegance and the culture of the destination is reflected.

To begin with, the mehendi ceremony décor was adorned with blue pottery inspired centerpieces and backdrops. Blue pottery is a traditional art that has its roots in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Adding it to the décor gave a soothing and regal look to the cheerful daylight ceremony. Looking at the Bride and Groom enter, one would agree that the sight totally had quite a royal Rajasthani feel to it. The dhols and the Rajasthani folk dancers made the ceremony come alive with joy. Therefore this compelled everyone to get ready!The poolside party was another refreshing affair that made everyone smile to their ears. The light blue and yellow tints came together in a perfect harmony to make a décor and backdrop stand out. Moreover, the couple seemed happy. The plethora of beautiful flowers and floral decorations used added a warm hearty feeling to the processions. It was truly a joyous celebration.

The sangeet ceremony was more on the lines of a modern setup, in contrast to the haldi and mehendi ceremony. It had a balck and golden shimmery theme and lighting, it looked nothing less than a magical hour. To add to the extraordinary vibe of the event, Russian bartenders and dancers were called upon to grace the event with their outstanding expressions of art. The evening was an energetic and emotional one, with dance and music taking over the mood.

The wedding ceremony was a day to remember as the day was highlighted with all the romantic décor which portrayed mixed emotions of the couple and the guests. The night and the décor glistened with color of love- and hues of gold.The wedding had a Royal Rajwada theme that was pulled off the traditional and authentic way. Rituals,Traditions,Customary Photographs would remind you of majesty and grandeur.The mesmerizing lighting and chandeliers were just the icing on the cake.

It was our heartiest pleasure witnessing Nikita and Vishal embark on this beautiful journey of happily- ever-after.

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